• Weekend Pass
    It was October 1962,  I was eighteen and starting another high school year.  Almost all of my original classmates had graduated and moved on, leaving me behind in the sophomore class.  I spent a couple lonely months in and out of school—mostly out.  Figuring I was going absolutely nowhere in my undisciplined do-nothing life, I decided to join the army.The recruiting sergeant sa...
  • Belong
    In December of 1962, two months after my 18th birthday, I had finished my eight weeks of army basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey.  Like most of the other basic trainees, I expected to be sent to Fort Benning, Georgia for sixteen weeks of AIT (advanced infantry training), where I would learn how to kill.  Instead, I was sent to a signal school (maybe to learn how to kill signals?)&nbs...
  • The Mess Hall Mess
    I stared helplessly at the neatly typed breakfast instruction sheet sitting on the mess hall desk in front of me.  ...using number 10 browning trays, place 100 pounds of ground beef in ovens preheated at 275 degrees...  What the fuck was a number 10 browning tray????  I didn’t even know how to turn on the ovens!  I knew one thing for sure; it was nowhere like cooking from a Bet...


Robert Red-Baer

1950-Went to Tinton Falls Elementary School, N.J.
1962-Went to Monmouth Regional HS, N.J.
1964-Graduated US Army NCO Acadamy, Germany
1971-Graduated University of Hawaii with honors
1973-Red Heart Follies (Hawaii)
1975-Japan Prime Minister's Award (Video), among many
1985-Professor Edogawa University, Chiba Japan
2010-Retired in Japan