• Turning Point
    We were called “The Red Heart Follies,” a group that performed a series of my mini-plays around Honolulu.  It was 9pm and our very last performance at the two-day 1973 Kapiolani Park Summer Festival had just finished.  My car was parked nearby on a four-lane, two-way street—facing a “No U-Turn” sign, and also facing in the opposite direction in which I wanted to go.The wide street being ...
  • Even Monkeys Fall From Barstools
    Having nothing more than the promise I could stay on her couch and the address she had sent me, I arrived at Sue's front door in Honolulu. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had been sharing a house with three girls (Yeah!!!),  But that surprise was quickly undone when Sue informed me that they (including Sue) all had serious boyfriends (bummer).  However, I had been welcome to ...
  • The King and I at Honolulu Stadium
    In the early summer of 1966 I had gotten the Waikiki YWCA Beach Club janitor job,* but it was only for two weeks, and with a week to go before my first paycheck, I still didn't have any cash.  While checking to see if my transfer to the University of Hawaii had been approved, I came across a campus bulletin board posting for a vendor at Honolulu Stadium--I didn't know where the stadium was,...


Robert Red-Baer

1950-Went to Tinton Falls Elementary School, N.J.
1962-Went to Monmouth Regional HS, N.J.
1964-Graduated US Army NCO Acadamy, Germany
1971-Graduated University of Hawaii with honors
1973-Red Heart Follies (Hawaii)
1975-Japan Prime Minister's Award (Video), among many
1985-Professor Edogawa University, Chiba Japan
2010-Retired in Japan