• Jewish Holiday
    This religious episode happened when I was old enough to get on and ride the school bus all by myself.  I had a school bus friend Rick, and we always sat together.  One day he said offhandedly, “I won’t be going to school, tomorrow.”I said, “Ya gonna be sick or something?”“Nah,” he replied, “It’s a Jewish holiday.  And I’m Jewish.”“Jewish people have special holidays?” I asked.“Sure...
  • Christian Scientist
    Not too long after my Jewish holiday revelation, a new family moved in next door.  Around that time my father, a doctor (and still living with us), would give us immunization vaccinations.  I, like every other kid I knew, hated shots.  Anyhow the new next-door neighbor boy told me that his family were all of the Christian Science religion.  And that Christian Scientists didn’t ...
  • Choir Girl
    I had reached the age where girls’ differences, instead of being a turn-off, started to become interesting—I had no idea as to why.  There was a girl in my school called Andrea.  She was a grade above me, but we rode the same school bus and shared the same recess time on the school playground.  Andrea was my secret love.  Maybe I loved her because she was the only girl that tal...
  • Golf Stories
    It was a big house with a big front lawn, bordering a lightly traveled street called ‘Hope Road’.   Lining the other side of Hope Road road, as far as the eye could see, were hedge trees.  Wanting to know what was hidden behind the hedge trees, I asked my mother.“A golf course,” she answered. “Stay away from it.”“How can I go near it,” I said. “You won’t even let me cross the road.”...


Robert Red-Baer

1950-Went to Tinton Falls Elementary School, N.J.
1962-Went to Monmouth Regional HS, N.J.
1964-Graduated US Army NCO Acadamy, Germany
1971-Graduated University of Hawaii with honors
1973-Red Heart Follies (Hawaii)
1975-Japan Prime Minister's Award (Video), among many
1985-Professor Edogawa University, Chiba Japan
2010-Retired in Japan