• Catfish Reprieved
    Back when I was about ten, on one of those nothing-to-do lazy days during summer vacation, along with my younger brother and sisters, we decided to go on a bicycle adventure.  We grabbed our makeshift bamboo fishing poles and peddled the long twenty-minute journey to Wampum Brook.  After spending about an hour fishing on the brook that wasn't really meant for fishing, my brother amazingl...
  • Today is Tomorrow
    1974 and it was the end of a short, sweet, and romantic encounter with Kyoko.  The University of Hawaii summer co-ed was going back home to Japan.  I promised I would visit her if I ever had a chance to go to her faraway country.  And that chance unexpectedly popped up a couple of months later when I came across and bought a dirt-cheap fixed round-trip ticket good for ten days in Se...
  • Japan Mis-slipper
    After about two hours of train travel, including transferring trains, we arrived at Kyoko’s country house outside of Tokyo.*  At the house entranceway (genkan), I took off my flip-flop footwear the same as I would do when entering a Hawaiian home.  I stepped up into a small room and Kyoko set a pair of slippers in front of my bare feet.  I hadn't heard anything about wearing slipper...


Robert Red-Baer

1950-Went to Tinton Falls Elementary School, N.J.
1962-Went to Monmouth Regional HS, N.J.
1964-Graduated US Army NCO Acadamy, Germany
1971-Graduated University of Hawaii with honors
1973-Red Heart Follies (Hawaii)
1975-Japan Prime Minister's Award (Video), among many
1985-Professor Edogawa University, Chiba Japan
2010-Retired in Japan